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5 Best Agriturismo Stays In Sardinia

Best Agriturismo Stays In Sardinia

Italy is home to some gorgeous places to stay, but few of them hold a candle to the natural untapped beauty of Sardinia. There is something incredible about a landscape that has retained so much of its rural charm.

Just off the coast of mainland Italy, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean just behind Sicily. It is host to a whole range of tropical wildlife, including flamingos and a variety of stunning plants.

If you’re looking at spending some time in Sardinia, then there are plenty of different options that you could look at. For example, you could stay at a traditional resort, a tiny B&B, or, the focus of this article, an agriturismo.

What Is An Agriturismo?

If you’ve never heard of agriturismo before starting this search, then prepare to be enlightened.

Agriturismo translates to “farm stay,” and that’s exactly what you get from this holiday let. Most of the time, these places are located on active working farms, and you stay in one of the many refurbished rooms.

How modern the apartments end up being varies from place to place, however, the majority of places that you’ll find will have private bathrooms and air conditioning, with many nowadays including Wi-Fi and a basic kitchenette.

As for facilities found on the agriturismo can include children’s play parks, horse riding, wine tasting, and pools — though pools certainly aren’t a given, considering how close you usually are to one of the many gorgeous beaches.

If you’re looking for the best agriturismos for a relaxing and rural holiday, check out our 5 favorite farm stays right here.

5 Best Agriturismo Stays In Sardinia

1. Agriturismo Guthiddai

For an old-style and authentic agriturismo stay, you need to check out Agriturismo Guthiddai.

The north of Sardinia is a beautiful area that includes the Gennargentu National Park, which is stunningly rural and full of wildlife.

The farm itself boasts well-tended olive groves, vineyards, and orchards. The best part is that the owner is more than happy to walk you around and explain what everything is and how everything works.

For the rooms where you’ll be staying, Agriturismo Guthiddai certainly delivers.

Each of their comfortable apartments comes with air-conditioning and a private patio that opens onto the stunning gardens across their land.

Something that we love about this agriturismo is how sociable the whole place is.

There’s a shared lounge with a TV where you can meet people and get to make new friends. The dining areas are also super open and friendly, with large outdoor tables for you to enjoy the homecooked food.

Speaking of the food, it’s certainly a highlight of your stay at Agriturismo Guthiddai. There, you can enjoy a homemade breakfast and evening meal of fresh bread, local jams, and cakes.

You can also sample the produce from the farm, like vegetables and fruit.

If you like what you’re eating, make sure you get some tips before you head back home because the agriturismo is located in the province of Nuoro, which is a scientific Blue Zone – this means that the life expectancy here is among the highest in the world, and many believe that diet is a major factor to this.

2. La Quercia

Moving on to the southwest coast of Sardinia now, the La Quercia agriturismo is located in a protected area known as Cork Oaks.

This farm is about 17km away from Costa Verde and the stunning beaches and public pools that you can find there.

La Quercia was one of the first agriturismos that opened in the area and is decorated with stone and brickwork on the majority of the walls.

If you want the most authentic and traditional agriturismo experience that Sardinia has to offer, then you need to get yourself to La Quercia.

Upon request, the owners will open up their restaurant and serve a variety of traditional dishes from the area with perfectly fresh ingredients, most of which have been grown locally.

After you’ve eaten, you can roam the land and check out the on-site swimming pool, or even have a session in their small fitness corner if you’re looking to work out whilst on holiday.

If you need extra entertainment, there’s free Wi-Fi access in the lobby and each room includes a private bathroom and air conditioning.

3. Guparza

Guparza is located to the north of Sardinia, near Posada which is only a 30-minute drive away from the port and airport of Olbia.

This means that it is strategically located close to unspoiled beaches and small mountain villages.

Whilst here, you could take an excursion out to see the pink beach of Spigiatti Rosa on the island of Bedulli or any of the stunning settings close by.

Or, if you prefer to stay close to your base, there’s plenty to do on-site as well. Each of the recently refurbished 12 rooms has independent entrances, a bath, a TV, and a small fridge.

Though there are incredible beaches only a short drive away, if you want to relax in a more secluded area then you can take a dip in their beautifully surrounded pool.

There’s a playground in the garden and plenty of trees for shade, if you’re worried about being out in the sun too much.

At the end of the day, feel free to dine in the gorgeous little restaurant that overlooks the English-style gardens.

There they serve traditional foods like cold meats, vegetables, and fruit. All of the food is made on-site with traditional methods.

Everybody knows that the best Italian food is the stuff made in Nonna’s kitchen, and that’s exactly the style of food that you can expect.

4. Chessa Pedru Caddu

Chessa Pedru Caddu, in Tula, Sassari, is the perfect agriturismo for a small, intimate holiday with family or your close friends.

These apartments only have 3 bedrooms to accommodate up to 7 people, and so have a much more private and secluded vibe than some of the larger agriturismos on this list.

Chessa Pedru Caddu is at least half an hour away from some of the more popular and famous resorts of northern Sardinia, which means that it’s private and secure.

You’ll need to be able to drive if you want to make it to this agriturismo because it is hidden away amongst the hills of the countryside, and is very close to Lake Coghinas.

There you can surf, fish, or simply relax and enjoy the water.

The house boasts a beautiful veranda, from which you can see the surrounding hills, lake, and Limbara mountains.

If nature and wildlife are your thing, then you need to get yourself to Chessa Pedru Caddu.

There is an on-site restaurant with a set à la carte menu from which they serve a large selection of delicious, traditional Sardinian food.

We love that this agriturismo includes disabled facilities, which can sometimes be difficult to find in traditional farmhouses.

So long as you let the owners know ahead of time, you’re also allowed to bring pets, so your furry friend doesn’t have to stay at home.

5. Piperedda

The final agriturismo that we’re going to look at on this list is Piperedda, located in Irgoli in the province of Nuoro.

Once again, this is an area with a particularly high life expectancy, and it’s not hard to see why.

Everything here is so fresh and peaceful that it’s hard to imagine any stresses that couldn’t be soothed by walking among the beautiful trees and then coming home to fresh produce from your land.

This agriturismo features 10 comfortable rooms with recently refurbished en-suite bathrooms.

These bedrooms are adjoining and can be accessed from one another, making them perfect for large gatherings or traveling with children.

From your room, you can find a spacious veranda which is perfect for relaxing, chatting, or reading. Our favorite past has to be the panoramic view you get of the whole area.

If you want to get out there and explore rather than just staying on-site, then you’re in luck.

Close by to the agriturismo, there are theme parks and water parks to enjoy, nature reserves to walk around, and museums to stimulate your mind.

Whatever it is that you like to get up to on holiday, you’re going to be able to do it whilst staying at Agriturismo Piperedda.

Final Thoughts

There are so many gorgeous places to choose from that it’s no small feat to finally find that place that you want to stay.

It’s recommended that you consider how you’re going to be getting around (driving, cycling, walking) and make sure that wherever you want to be is accessible via that mode of transport.

Have a solid idea of what you want out of your agriturismo stay, and get in contact with the owners to make sure that they’re going to be able to accommodate you, after all, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip, and you want to make sure you go to the right place.

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