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7 Things Sardinia Is Famous For

7 Things Sardinia Is Famous For

Ah, Sardinia. Many people believe Sardinia to be a land with surprises in every corner.

The culture will change between villages, and you never know what things you will experience from one day to the next.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that your day-to-day experiences in Sardinia are going to be wonderful. 

However, despite the many wonderful surprises that await you in Sardinia, there are also many famous, stand-out things you should be aware of before you visit there.

Being aware of these 7 things Sardinia is famous for will only add to the magic of the island and everything you can do there. 

So, if we have piqued your interest, be sure to read on for more! 

7 Things Sardinia Is Famous For

Here are the seven things Sardinia is most famous for! 

The Beautiful Beaches

Not only does Sardinia have many wonderful beaches that stretch across the 2000 km coastline, but it also has an ocean that stretches its azure waters for miles and miles.

You’ll want to put your swimmers on and jump in as soon as your toes touch the warm, glittering sand.

There are many different types of beaches in Sardinia. Some have rugged coasts which are perfect for exploring and bringing a picnic.

Other beaches are stretches of golden sand that you can lie on as you relax and catch a tan. Others are best for swimming in the clear sea. 

Finally, there are beaches that you can only get to by walking, and you will need to bring supplies for the adventure! The end of the journey will lead you to coves that have a sense of magic surrounding them.

These are beaches where all you’ll want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and watch the suns change from yellow to orange to pink and more. 

Of course, the beach that made Sardinia famous is the Emerald Coast, the Costa Esmeralda.

This coast is situated in the North East of Sardinia, which is a romantic, rustic area that was once the home of the owners of the business, Fiat, the Agnelli family.

Of course, now it is filled with luxury hotels, spas, and you are likely to spot many famous actors and footballers on their holiday! 

Check out more on Sardinia’s pink beaches here.

The Ancient Nuragic Civilization 

Little is known about the ancient Nuragic civilization that used to live in Sardinia in the Bronze age. However, this only adds to their fame, and you are unlikely to leave Sardinia having never heard of them. 

The only thing left of this civilization on this island is their towers – 7000 cone-shaped structures built out of stones.

Over the many years, there has been a lot of speculation as to what the purpose of these towers was. Some believe that they were built to store food, as homes, or for defense purposes. 

Both archeologists and tourists love to visit Sardinia to learn more about this Nuragic civilization – make sure you visit at least one of their magnificent structures on your trip! 

The Language Of Sardinia 

Sardo is spoken by around 78% of the population of Sardinia. It is a language closely related to Latin, which eventually developed into the various romantic languages that are spread across Europe today (to find out more about the languages that people in Sardinia speak, read here). 

Sardo was first brought to Sardinia during the battle between Rome and Carthage to come into ownership of the Island in 238 BC. 

All regions of Sardinia have their own linguistic influence and historical evolution. The language has changed in every region, fragmenting into dialects as the years have passed.

There is even a noticeable difference in the language between adjacent towns. This is because there was an isolation of the culture of Sardinia and the tribes that lived in the cities.

The five most common dialects of Sardo are:

  • Sassarese
  • Campidanese
  • Logudorese
  • Nuirese
  • Gallurese 

Italian became the official language of Sardinia in 1714, which caused the language of Sardo to suffer because many authority figures looked down on it.

However, today there is a huge movement to defend and preserve the language. As a visitor, you are more likely to hear Italian spoken in Sardinia, but it would be good to learn some Sardo if you can! 

The Sardinian Folklore And Traditions 

All of the villages throughout Sardinia have clothing that is a significant aspect of history.

The traditional clothing has taken influence from Spain, Greece, Byzantine, and the Phoenicians, who all at one point controlled Sardinia. 

All of the designs are from local craftsmanship. Skirts are paired with amulets, jewelry, and headdresses to make a beautiful dress that has been echoed throughout the ages. 

Not only that, but the most famous, ancient music from Sardinia is Cantu a tenore. This music was created by Sardinians who spent many long, isolated moments protecting their sheep.

The music is themed around hard work in the wild and living life in nature. Cantu a tenore has a unique sound and you simply must hear it at least once on your visit to this fantastic island. 

The Sardinian Liqueur: Mirto

Mirto is a liqueur that comes from both Corsica and Sardinia. It is made from myrtle berries that are grown on these islands.

Myrtle berries are very similar to blueberries and are very famous for having medicinal properties. They used to be prescribed by physicians of ages past to those who needed relief from fever and pain. 

Myrtle berries are ripe during late Autumn to mid-winter, from November to January. The berries will then be infused with vodka and left for around 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks are up, the mixture will be pressed and the pulp removed. Once this process is complete, sugar or honey is added to the mix, and the volume of alcohol in the mix is reduced with filtered water. 

The Mirto is then left for a month. After a month, it is filtered once more and is ready to drink! 

Mirto is a sweet liqueur that Sardinians traditionally drink once they have finished their food. You will find Mirto in every bar and restaurant in Sardinia, so make sure you try some! 

Sardinian Pane Carasau 

Sardinia is very known for its rich bread culture! There are over three hundred different types of bread on the Island.

However, the most famous bread from Sardinia is Pane Carasau. Pane Crasau is a type of flatbread that has a characteristic lightness and crispiness. It is made using yeast, wheat flour, water, and salt. 

It can take a few tries to get the thinness of Pane Carasau perfect. Once the ingredients are mixed together, the dough must be rolled thinly and then placed into the oven – ideally a fire oven.

After this, the middle of the bread will fill with air, resulting in two different layers. Once cooked, the edges of the bread are cut into two pieces. 

In the past, this was the perfect food for shepherds to eat because it remains fresh for a long period.

Shepherds often spent a lot of time isolated in the wild taking care of their animals, so this bread would have been a great comfort to them. 

Be sure to try some while visiting Sardinia, you won’t regret it!

Sardinian Torrone 

Sardinia is famous for more than its delicious Pane Carasau. It is also famous for Torrone. Torrone is a type of chewy sweet traditional to the island.

It is made using almonds and other types of nuts, egg whites, and honey. 

It has origins in Tonara a village, which is located in the centre of Sardinia’s mountains. 

It is traditional in Sardinia to eat this sweet treat on Easter Monday, there is even a feast in dedication to it!  but it can be found all year round all over the island.

These days, there are many variations of Torrone that can be found in Sardinia, particularly during festivals.

The three ingredients, almonds, egg whites, and honey, always form the base, but you can find it made with various kinds of syrup to remove the sweetness or enhance the flavours. 

Final Thoughts 

Sardinia is an island that is filled with surprises, and each day you are there will be different from the last. This makes staying on the island a magical experience.

However, there are many famous aspects to this wonderful island, too.

It is good to know what these are before you go so you can plan your trip to include many of these amazing things and experience all Sardinia has to offer (if you need to know how much you’re likely to spend in Sardinia, read our guide here). 

The North East of Sardinia is home to the Costa Esmeralda, and many celebrities and millionaires love to vacation here and soak up the sun on the beach.

You can do this, too, as Sardinia is home to an eclectic mix of beaches. 

However, there are many other fun and famous aspects of Sardinia that are worth experiencing.

For example, you can try many of the famous foods and drinks of Sardinia, and learn all about its history, from its cultural dress, to its language Sardo, to the ancient Nuragic civilization.

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