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Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Sardinia?

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Sardinia?

When you’re planning a holiday, there are many things you need to know about and consider before you go, and one of the most important things that many people forget about when they go on holiday is whether or not they are able to drink the tap water in the country you’re visiting! 

If you’re planning on visiting Sardinia at some point in the near future, it’s worth knowing whether or not you can drink the tap water there.

Whether you’re staying in a holiday home and are planning on using it for drinking and cooking, or you’re staying in a hotel and are wondering whether or not the water is safe to drink whilst you cool off between your day’s adventures, this guide will provide you with all of the information you need to know about Sardinia’s water supply and whether or not you’re able to drink the tap water in Sardinia! 

So, to learn more about Sardinia’s tap water and whether it’s safe to drink, keep reading onwards, and you’ll find out everything you need to know! 

Can You Drink The Tap Water In Sardinia? 

Whilst there are many places that don’t have access to clean drinking water directly from the  tap, Sardinia thankfully does, which means that if the holiday home you’re staying in is connected to the public water supply, then you can safely drink the water from the tap during your stay in Sardinia! 

However, one thing to be aware of if you’re planning on drinking tap water during your time in Sardinia is that it is often described as having a slight chlorine odour to it, which is why many people will tend to discourage you from drinking the water, even though it’s entirely safe to drink and to use for cooking purposes too (learn more about living on Sardinia here).

As a result of this, many people will tend to prefer to buy bottled water when visiting Sardinia, which can be found in any number of shops and supermarkets. 

In fact, many Sardinians prefer to drink bottled too, especially sparkling mineral water, so don’t be too surprised if you discover an entire section for bottled water when entering a supermarket.

Although it does make it much easier to find when looking for it yourself. 

Can You Drink The Water From Rivers In Sardinia? 

Some of the most beautiful rivers in the world can be found in Sardinia, and they make up part of the gorgeous landscape that entices so many people to visit this incredible part of Europe.

So, for those who find themselves travelling around Sardinia during the autumn, winter, or spring, it might be tempting to drink some of the water from these rivers, especially since it often looks so clean.

However, is it really safe to do this? 

Unfortunately, drinking from natural water sources without proper purification or filtration can be dangerous, no matter where you are, so you should always avoid drinking river water. 

Sardinia is an especially hot place to visit, especially during the summer months, so if you are planning on going on any particularly long or strenuous walks or hikes, you should always ensure that you bring enough water with you.

You should always opt to use a reusable water bottle too, which helps to reduce plastic waste. 

Where To Find Tap Water In Sardinia

If you’re out and about on your adventures in Sardinia, it’s always wise to bring a bottle of water with you as you explore everything that this beautiful place has to offer.

For those looking to refill their water bottle during their day trips, some places may have a public water tap, which will ensure that you have a fresh supply of water readily available throughout the day. 

However, in the summer months, many of these taps can get cut off, especially since the demand for water increases exponentially, in which case you will instead need to purchase a bottle of water, so you should account for this when aiming to budget for each day of your visit. 

How To Make Sure Tap Water Is Safe To Drink

How To Make Sure Tap Water Is Safe To Drink

If you’re ever unsure about whether the tap water is safe to drink where you are, the best way to make sure your water is safe to drink is simply to boil it. 

Boiling your water is a sure way to kill any parasites, bacteria, or viruses that might have contaminated the water, which means it’s a great way to purify your water wherever you are. 

In order to purify your water by boiling, all you need to do is place you water in a pan over a hot stove or hob until it reaches a rolling boil, where it should remain for a minute, and then you can turn off the heat and allow the water to cool until it’s the right temperature for drinking or cooking! 

Other Hydration Tips When Visiting Sardinia

If you’re planning on visiting Sardinia during the summer months, then it’s important to be prepared for the extreme temperatures and sun exposure that comes along with it.

You’ll soon realize why Italians tend to eat later on in the day than you do at home, and why many businesses will close for a couple of hours in the afternoon. 

You should always ensure that you remain in as much shade as possible, which will prevent you from sweating too much and losing too much water from your body.

If you’re drinking water, you should always sip water regularly as opposed to drinking large quantities of water at once. 

Whilst on holiday in Italy, it might be tempting to drink plenty of coffee, just like the locals do!

However, this can dehydrate you further, so you should always ensure to drink plenty of water after drinking a coffee. 

Also, while those ice-cold cocktails will also look super tasty and refreshing too, however, the alcohol in these drinks will only contribute to your dehydration further, so you should be careful with the amount of alcohol you consume during the height of the heat throughout the day. 

Finally, one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t become too dehydrated during your time in Sardinia is to try and plan more strenuous activities for the early evening, when the sun’s intensity will have lessened slightly, and you should always try to opt for lightweight clothing that isn’t too dark in colour, which will help to prevent you from sweating too much. 


To summarize, the drinking water found in most of Sardinia is completely safe for you to drink, unless it is marked otherwise.

So, if you’re planning on adventuring around the gorgeous scenery during the warmer months of the year, then you should definitely plan on bringing a reusable water bottle along with you to keep yourself hydrated, or be prepared to buy a bottle of mineral water where you can find one! 

So, don’t be afraid to fill up your water bottle from a tap whilst in Sardinia!

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