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Where Do Celebrities Stay In Sardinia?

Where Do Celebrities Stay In Sardinia?

Sardinia, Italy’s picturesque island in the heart of the Mediterranean, is not only a paradise for travelers but also a magnet for celebrities seeking a luxurious and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

From Hollywood A-listers to international superstars, the allure of Sardinia’s crystal-clear waters, charming villages, and delectable cuisine knows no bounds.

So, where do celebrities stay in Sardinia to bask in this Mediterranean marvel? We’ve got you covered with an exclusive peek into their preferred hideaways.

1. Costa Smeralda: The Playground Of The Rich And Famous

Costa Smeralda, which is Italian for the “Emerald Coast,” is the crown jewel of Sardinia, so it’s no surprise that celebrities flock here for their summer vacations.

With its pristine beaches, upscale resorts, and vibrant nightlife, Costa Smeralda has it all.

A lot of the other areas on this list are also situated in the Costa Smeralda because of how popular and high-end it is.

One of the most sought-after spots in Costa Smeralda is the Hotel Pitrizza.

Nestled in a private cove, this luxurious retreat offers stunning views of the turquoise waters and is a favorite among celebrities.

Here, you can expect top-notch service, private villas, and a peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for escaping the paparazzi’s lens.

2. Porto Cervo: Yachts And Celebrities Galore

Porto Cervo, another hotspot on the Costa Smeralda, is synonymous with glamour and luxury.

This seaside village is renowned for its marina filled with extravagant yachts, designer boutiques, and upscale restaurants.

One of the most iconic places in Porto Cervo is the Hotel Cala di Volpe.

It gained international fame as the backdrop for the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Celebrities frequent this Mediterranean haven for its stunning architecture, beautiful pool, and impeccable service.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a taste of luxury in Porto Cervo, dine at the Michelin-starred restaurant Il Pescatore and enjoy a cocktail at Phi Beach, a stunning outdoor club known for its beautiful sunset views.

3. Villa Certosa: Silvio Berlusconi’s Retreat

Villa Certosa, though not a resort or hotel, deserves a special mention due to its extravagant owner, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

This lavish estate is located on the previously mentioned Costa Smeralda and has been a topic of fascination for years.

While Villa Certosa isn’t a typical celebrity vacation spot, it has hosted its fair share of famous faces. The estate boasts numerous luxurious features, including its private beach, lush gardens, and opulent interiors.

Although the villa is private property, its allure remains a topic of intrigue among those curious about celebrity hideaways.

Pro Tip: While you can’t stay at Villa Certosa itself, you can admire it from the sea by booking a boat tour along the coast. This way, you’ll get a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the rich and famous.

4. Hotel Romazzino: A Timeless Celeb Favorite

Hotel Romazzino, also situated in Costa Smeralda (seeing a pattern here?), is a timeless favorite among celebrities.

This five-star gem offers Mediterranean elegance and modern amenities, making it a top choice for those seeking an indulgent escape.

With its picturesque beachfront location and beautiful architecture inspired by SArdinia’s traditional style, Hotel Romazzino is a haven of tranquillity.

Celebrities love lounging by the pool, dining in exquisite restaurants, and enjoying spa treatments in this idyllic retreat.

Pro Tip: Book well in advance to secure your place at this exclusive celebrity hotspot, particularly in the peak summer season.

Hotel Romazzino boasts a private beach where you can soak up the sun and swim in the turquoise waters.

5. Maddalena Archipelago: Nature’s Celebrity Haven

The Maddalena Archipelago is a cluster of islands and islets that boast some of the most incredible and beautiful landscapes in Sardinia. Celebrities often flock here to savor the serene beauty and clear waters.

This captivating archipelago is situated in the Strait of Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica. In order to explore its wonders, you can take a ferry from Palau or Santa Teresa Gallura.

Whilst you’re there, you need to make sure you venture out to the Spiaggia Rosa, or “Pink Beach”.

Pro Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just one island in the Maddalena Archipelago. Hop from one to another to witness the diverse landscapes and pristine beaches each island has to offer.

Just be sure to respect the protected marine areas and wildlife while snorkeling or diving in the archipelago.

6. Isola Piana: A Secluded Paradise

For those seeking seclusion and natural beauty, Isola Piana offers an escape like no other. This uninhabited island is the epitome of tranquillity, making it a top pick for celebrities looking to unwind far from the screens.

Isola Piana is located in the previously mentioned La Maddalena Archipelago, just off the northern coast of Sardinia. You can reach it by taking a short boat ride from Palau.

Isola Piana offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling, so don’t forget to pack your gear.

Pro Tip: Plan a picnic and enjoy a meal amidst the island’s untouched nature. Just remember to clean up after yourself to preserve its pristine environment.

7. Tavolara Island: A True Hidden Gem

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience that’s still favored by celebrities, Tavolara Island is the place to be. This hidden gem boasts dramatic cliffs, emerald waters, and a captivating charm that draws in the elite.

Tavolara island is located off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, near the large town of Olbia. Accessible by boat, it’s a relatively untouched paradise.

Pro Tip: Challenge yourself with a hike to the summit of Tavolara Island, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding sea and neighboring islands.

Once again, keep in mind that Tavolara is a protected marine area, so make sure to follow eco-friendly practices during your visit.

Final Thoughts

Sardinia offers a world of possibilities for those looking to vacation like a celebrity. Just remember to plan ahead, respect the environment, and savor every moment of your stay.

Who knows, you might even cross paths with a celebrity or two!


Is Sardinia Expensive for Tourists?

Sardinia can end up being a bit on the pricey side, especially in the Costa Smeralda area. However, there are budget-friendly options available if you explore the less touristy areas and dine at local restaurants.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sardinia to Spot Celebrities?

The summer months, particularly July and August, are when you’re most likely to spot celebrities in Sardinia. They tend to flock to the island to enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather and the beautiful beaches, away from the paparazzi.

Are There Other Celebrity-Favorite Spots in Sardinia?

Yes, of course! Apart from the areas mentioned in this article, Porto Rotondo and Isola Dei Gabbiani, in Costa Smeralda and off the northern coast, respectively, are also known as celebrity hotspots.

How Do I Get to Sardinia from the Mainland of Italy?

You can reach Sardinia from the mainland of Italy by taking a ferry or booking a domestic flight, depending on whether you want to get there quickly or take the scenic option.

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