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What To Drink In Sardinia? 9 Most Popular Sardinian Beverages

What To Drink in Sardinia 9 Most Popular Sardinian Beverages

Are you interested in Sardinian culture? In particular, what beverages are popular there? Yes? Well, you are going to find this article equal parts educational and interesting. 

So, in this article we are going to talk about what drinks you can enjoy in Sardinia that are popular and tasty. There are a fair few options there. But which ones are best? 

So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!

Quick Answer

For those of you that need a selection of popular Sardinian drinks lickedy-split. We have listed all the beverages we are going to cover in this article. So, let’s take a look!

  • Monica
  • Pascale de Cagliari
  • Semidano
  • Vermentino di Sardegna
  • Nuragus di Cagliari
  • Zedda Piras
  • Vernaccia di Oristano
  • Cagnulari
  • Vermentino di Gallura
  • Cannonau di Sardegna

For those of you that need a little more information about these tasty popular Sardinian beverages. Further on in this article we cover each of these beverages in more detail.

So, if you want to learn more about any of these nine beverages, make sure to read on. 

Delicious And Popular Sardinian Beverages

While there are a great variety of beverages available to enjoy in Sardinia, there are a few that stand out amongst the crows.

Beverages that are just sublime in every way, and that is what we are going to cover in this section.  

So, without further ado let us take a look at these popular and delicious Sardinian beverages. There are quite a few and you are bound to enjoy each and every one of them. 


Monica is a delicious red grape variety of wine which is largely cultivated in the Italian region of Sardinia.

Where this particular grape originated is not known, but there is some evidence to suggest that it was brought over from Spain.

This variety of grape is now actually quite prolific in Sardinia. In fact, there are two regional appellations of this grape in Sardinia. 

While Monica can potentially be used for various styles of drinks, it is most often used for making dry wines, sparkling wines or sweet varieties of wine. 

The flavor of this grape is light and easy to drink. What makes it stand out is the fruitiness and aroma that it creates. The flavor is somewhat similar to cherries and red berries.

When these grapes are turned into wine they are supposed to be enjoyed young as the flavor is better. 

Pascale de Cagliari

This variety of red grape which is predominantly grown in Italy.

Where it actually originated from is unknown because it is thought to be a native species of grape which originated from Sardinia.

It is also however suggested that it is very similar or even identical to a variety of grape known as Bonamico which comes from Central Italy. 

This grape is used to make a ton of blends which add color and body to the beverages that are being made. Today this grape is mostly grown in either parts of Italy known as Sassari and Cagliari.

There are not many varieties of this grape as it is quite rare to get different kidneys of grape.

However, wines made using this grape are well known for producing fruity wines that are quite delicately aromatic.

The taste and scent are actually reminiscent of fruits like cherries and raspberries. 

Wines like the one mentioned in this section are usually known for having a good tannic structure and will have small hints of spice which you can certainly taste. 


Semidano is a variety of white grape which is native to Sardinia.

What To Drink in Sardinia 9 Most Popular Sardinian Beverages (1)

The origins of this grape in particular is thought to be ancient. It has even been speculated that it used to be a prolific plant which grew in Sardinia long ago. 

This grape has actually become quite rare now since a disease known as phylloxera killed many of the grape vines.

When this happened semidano plants were nearly wiped out; they were replaced with a resistant variety of grape known as Nuragus which was more productive. 

Today the semidano grapes are largely planted around a place called Oristano.

They are used to make a variety of dry, sparkling and sweet passito style beverages. All of which are delicious. 

Vermentino Di Sardegna

This wine is created using a variety of grapes known as Vermentino grapes. This beverage is a tasty dry and crisp wine which is produced in Sardinia.

The grape is known for having a light yellow skin and being used to create wines that have a light body with an amber color. 

It is known for being a complex wine with an almost herbal flavor and a fruity aroma which is reminiscent of lime, citrus, peach, pear or basil.

The flavor can also have a mildly bitter finish. 

This wine usually pairs quite well with foods like calamari, white fish, vegetables, soft cheeses, and even spicy dishes.

So you can enjoy this drink with nearly any meal you choose to have. It is quite versatile. 

Nuragus di Cagliari

This wine is an Italian appellation which is found in Sardinia. These wines are made using a local Nuragus grape. This grape makes up more than 85% of the blend.

Nuragus grapes are known for being a fertile variety of grape which is why it is one of the most common types of grape found in Sardinia. 

Wines that come from Nuragus di Cagliari are thought to have among the best expressions. They most commonly have a light color, body and aroma.

The most tasty beverages will have a well-balanced acidity, fruity aroma, which can be thought to be similar to citrus or white fruits. This wine can also have a mild finish which is a little bit bitter. 

Light wines such as this are best enjoyed when they are young.

On top of that they usually pair quite well with seafood. In particular, we recommend enjoying it along with simple fish dishes.

However, this beverage can taste good with a light appetizer like cheese, pasta or other simple dishes. 

Zedda Piras

This beverage is a myrtle liqueur which is produced largely in Sardinia. What exactly they use to make this wine is not known.

But there are small myrtle berries which grow in the wild across the island. These same common berries are the main ingredient in this beverage. 

The liqueur produced by these berries are rich and smooth with an intense color.

This beverage in particular was produced by a company known as Namesake until it was sold to another company called Campari.

Despite this happening the recipe for this liqueur has not changed. 

Vernaccia Di Oristano

This beverage is a variety of oxidized wine which is made in Sardinia. The variety of grape used to make this drink is an eponymous grape.

The wine itself is matured in barrels which are not filled all the way to the top so that a layer of yeast forms. 

This method is quite similar to sherry and creates a complex and exceptional wine that has a lot of different aromas and flavors. 

This wine in particular is intense and full-bodies as far as wine goes. It also gets better with age. When the wine is younger it will usually have more floral notes as well as a herbaceous flavor.

Aged wines of this variety will develop a complex aroma and flavor that has notes of orange zest, hazelnuts, dried fruits, truffles and spices. 


The variety of grape used to make this beverage is known as Cagulari. It is grown in Sardinia but it has been suggested that this type of grape is similar or identical to a grape called Bovale Sardo.

It is also likely that these two grape varieties are only closely related. This means that these grapes may actually have Spanish origins. But it is not unknown whether this is true or not. 

Vermentino di Gallura

This beverage is an Italian appellation which is located in an old historical region of Sardinia known as Gallura.

This beverage was officially produced and included twenty-three municipalities which were largely found in an old region called Olbia Tempio. This area is not a section of Italy known as Sassari. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these tasty Sardinian drinks. Remember, there are more options of beverages in Sardinia that you can enjoy.

So, if you did not see something on this list that you enjoy, do not worry. You are bound to find something when you are in Sardinia or by doing a little further research on the topic. 

If you enjoyed this article, found it interesting or useful, make sure to check out our website. We have a wide variety of topics, some of which you are bound to find interesting. 

With all of that said, we hope that this article has been enjoyable. Good luck with your Sardinian trip and goodbye for now!

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